Blood Flow
Restriction Therapy

Blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT) is a brief, intermittent, partial occlusion of blood flow while exercising. Using this technique in rehab can allow you to make gains in strength with a significantly decreased load. Traditional methods of strength training and muscle growth (without BFRT) require a heavy load in order to make adequate gains. However, those attending rehab are not always able to perform that level of exercise.

We use specialized equipment to personalize how much occlusion each individual would require. Your therapist will determine an exercise program for you to perform with the tourniquet on, so while you are lifting only a light load, your muscles will feel like they are enduring a heavy workout, leading to positive results in strength. There is a great deal of research supporting BFRT and is considered safe for most patients, your PT can determine if you would be an appropriate candidate for this innovative addition to rehabilitation.

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