Bounce Back Phyiscal Therapy is the number one location for the Kinesio Taping rehabilitative taping technique in the Wayne, Main Line, and Philadelphia suburbs. We currently have four Kinseio certified physical therapists that are available to help you with your injuries.

Our therapists are some of the only Physical therapists certified to perform Kinesio Taping in the Wayne, PA. Area.

Here is a little bit of information on what Kinesio Taping is:

Kinesio Taping is a specific form of taping designed to support your injury and aid the body’s natural healing process, while also reducing pain and inflammation. Kinesio Taping is unique in that it allows a full range of motion in your injured muscle, while still aiding the muscle in the healing process.

Our Kinesio Taping certified Therapists will conduct a full assessment before applying the tape and will continue to monitor your injury throughout the healing process.