High Power- High Dose Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Bounce Back Physical Therapy has the only Physical Therapists in the Wayne, PA. area to offer a 30W High Power/High Dose Laser Therapy Treatment. Laser Therapy is a safe and pain-free procedure that aids injury recovery by reducing pain and inflammation. Laser Therapy is a quick and relaxing experience, providing the injured area with a warm, comforting healing sensation.

At Bounce Back Physical Therapy, all of our Physical Therapists are trained to treat injuries with the Class Four Laser.  Our High Power, High Dose Laser is the only laser in the area that administers 30W of light.  This means you start healing sooner and recover faster.

Our High Power, High Dosage laser is unlike cold laser therapy that administers a lower dosage of light. Despite its name, cold laser is not administered to feel cold.  Cold laser means that the light wavelength is administered at a different frequency.  There is an application suitable for both lasers.

We believe, in doing our most thorough research that the Diowave 30 W laser is the most effective laser available today.  We are pleased to offer it to all those out in our community that can benefit for its healing powers.


Having your injury treated with Laser Therapy by our Bounce Back Physical Therapists has numerous benefits, including: faster healing time, strengthening effect on tissue repair, improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and effective relief from many pain symptoms.

To see if High Power, High Dose Laser Therapy at Bounce Back Physical Therapy is the right form of treatment for your injury, call us today for an appointment.

We are so confident that it will help you, that we guarantee the results.  If you do  not feel better after your 10-12 laser therapy sessions, we will refund the entire amount.  No questions asked!

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