What insurances do you accept?

We accept most major insurance plans.
Medicare, worker’s compensation and motor vehicle insurance plans are also welcome.
Our staff will verify your insurance benefits prior to your first visit and let you know what responsibility you may have, such as deductible, copay or co-insurance.
If you do not have insurance or have insurance for which we are out of network, do not worry. We provide a complimentary discount so that you can receive the same excellent care that all of our clients receive.

Will I have the same therapist every visit?

At Bounce Back Physical Therapy, we attempt to have our patients work with the same physical therapist each visit to ensure the individual and personalized care they deserve.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

In the state of Pennsylvania, Physical Therapists have direct access which allows them to treat a patient without a physician’s prescription. At Bounce Back Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on excellent communication with our patients’ primary care physicians and specialists. If a patient were to see us without a physician’s prescription, we would ask them for permission to send a treatment plan to their physician.

When should I start Physical Therapy?

If you have undergone a surgical procedure or suffered a fracture, your doctor will let you know when it is appropriate to start your rehabilitation.
More often, the sooner you initiate your physical therapy services, the more quickly you will recover.

What should I expect my first visit?

At Bounce Back Physical Therapy, your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. They will educate you regarding your diagnosis, discuss the findings of the evaluation and determine your goals. An appropriate plan of care will then be established which will then be sent to your physician for their approval.

What will I do after my therapy is over?

One of our goals, at Bounce Back Physical Therapy, is to educate our patients as to the cause of their condition and how to prevent future occurrences, or self treatment if the symptoms should reappear.

All of our patients are given a home exercise program upon completion of physical therapy. We will also take you through the gym customizing a program for you and ensuring proper set up and technique so you can continue a healthy lifestyle.

We also offer step down programs and a discounted gym, and personal training programs so you can be guided through a structured work out routine.